Information for respondents.

6 May 2020

You are about to respond to a survey conducted by the eAMK and COL (Maintaining and developing the CampusOnline service and embedding it into the digital service system of universities 2020–2021) projects. Responding to the survey is voluntary. The material will be processed anonymously.

The survey is intended for teaching staff at universities of applied sciences. The purpose of the survey is to survey teachers’ experiences of remote teaching during the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The results of the survey will be utilised in developing digital solutions in university of applied sciences studies, in the development work as part of the COL project and as part of Digivisio2030 work.

Party implementing the survey

The survey is implemented as part of the eAMK and COL projects. The survey questionnaire has been drafted as part of the eAMK project and the reporting will be conducted as part of the COL project. All 22 universities of applied sciences within the Ministry of Education and Culture administrative branch participate in both projects. Each university of applied sciences involved in the national survey is responsible for distributing the survey to teaching staff within its organisation.

Parties and sharing of responsibility

The survey is implemented by JAMK University of Applied Sciences. Each university of applied sciences involved in the survey will be given the material and results from their own institution as soon as the survey is closed. The entire material will be processed by a group comprising project parties, which will draft a national-level report on the material as well as professional and scientific publications. The group consists of operators from JAMK University of Applied Sciences and Häme University of Applied Sciences.

Group in charge of implementing the survey

Hannu Ikonen, JAMK University of Applied Sciences
Sirpa Laitinen-Väänänen, JAMK University of Applied Sciences
Jaana Kullaslahti, Häme University of Applied Sciences
Paula Tyrväinen, JAMK University of Applied Sciences
Rika Nakamura, JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Survey material storage and archiving

While the material is being processed, it will be stored carefully and data securely and backed up. After the project has ended, the metadata of any material related to the survey is entered into the JAMK University of Applied Sciences project management system. The material itself will be archived in its entirety in the JAMK University of Applied Sciences case processing system, and access rights to the material in the system are only granted to the group in charge of the survey. When the COL project ends, the material will also be archived in the IDA storage service for research data maintained by CSC. It will be anonymised so that the responses of individual universities of applied sciences or respondents cannot be identified.

Contact person

Ikonen Hannu

Ikonen Hannu

Johtaja, Director
Konsernin hallinto, Administration
Hallinto, Administration
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