offers the selection of online courses by more than twenty Finnish universities of applied sciences. It offers a wide range of cross-study opportunities to students. They are free to choose studies from the portal that interest them and include them in their own degree. The selection of online courses includes courses from all fields, bachelor's and master’s level studies, English-language implementations, nonstop studies and joint implementations of several universities of applied sciences. During 2019, almost 110,000 credits were completed through the portal.

The central task of the Maintaining and developing the CampusOnline service and embedding it into the digital service system of universities 2020–2021 (COL) project is to maintain and further develop the CampusOnline service. Common rules and procedures will be reviewed and further developed during the project. In addition, the project will map and test the possibilities of the portal from the perspective of continuous learning. The project implemented a working life pilot in the autumn of 2020, in which members of the Trade Union Pro and Tehy studied in selected courses. The pilots will continue and expand in spring 2021.

The COL project promotes the goals of the government program for the development of higher education as a platform for continuous learning and the implementation of the 2030 vision for higher education and research.  The COL project follows the work of DigiVisio2030 and links the CampusOnline service and development activities in an appropriate way to evolving national solutions.

Time of operation May 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

Funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture