What is a Digital Starter Package?

Digital starter packages help students adopt the electronic tools, devices, environments and methods needed in higher education. This facilitates the start of their studies by strengthening the ability to use the higher education institution’s electronic systems and utilise the digital world in building one’s own expertise and forming networks. 

tips for setting up a digital starter package
  1. Engage all the parties (study counsellors, heads of department, etc.) well in time and involve them in the work process.
  2. Plan the digital starter package as part of the student’s guidance path and module.
  3. Plan in a student-centred way. Do not kill the passion for studying right at the beginning of studies.
  4. Think beforehand about the role of interactivity in the digital starter package.
  5. Make use of the quality criteria for online teaching.
  6. Involve the students in the work process.
  7. Consider well in advance how and what kind of feedback the students will receive from their assignments and who is to give it.
  8. Keep different types of students in mind, including exchange students.
  9. Indicate where to turn to in the event of problems, i.e. whom the student should contact if anything remains unclear.
  10. Make use of the automation tools of the chosen learning platform, because the number of participants is quite large.
Check out the digital starter packages

Savonia, Karelia and KAMK now offer a peek into their starter packages.

Savonia University of Applied Sciences

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DigiAvain Finnish

DigiAvain English

Karelia Start Kit
Karelia University of Applied Sciences

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Karelia-startti Finnish

Karelia Start Kit English

KAMK's Starter Package
KAMK University of Applied Sciences

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Digital starter package Finnish