Digital guidance
What does it mean?

Students will need different kinds of guidance at different stages of their studies relating to studies, professional growth and wellbeing. The student is provided with guidance and support via user-oriented, suitable and varied communication channels (without forgetting face-to-face interaction).

Digital Guidance Path

The ‘Digital guidance path’ image consists of six separate clouds that contain material in the form of images, texts and videos. The materials attached to the clouds serve both as self-learning materials for the student and as tools for the instructor.

The texts, videos and image of the path are licenced under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

Usage examples

There are several methods for embedding the digital guidance path image and related materials into a web page; you can find some examples below. 
  1. Thinglink is free, easy to maintain, and it can be embedded into a Wordpress website. Its negative sides include a limited licence, commitment to Thinglink’s terms and conditions and the permanence of an external service.
  2. When embedded into a Moodle space, Thinglink makes it possible for universities of applied sciences to use their own edits and additions, such as the tools being used.
  3. Your own code (HTML5, CSS and jQuery are used in the example) does not require add-ons subject to a charge and it can be customised, but it does require a bit of technical expertise.
  4. Wordpress is easy to maintain and does not require an add-on subject to a charge.

Example 1: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery code

Example 2: Embedded Thinglink image in Karelian Moodlerooms

Example 3: Embedded Thinglink image in Wordpress

Example 4: Wordpress and the Image hotspot plugin (DevVN)

Digital Guidance Path Download the picture and the texts in English, Finnish and Swedish in one .ZIP package (12,1 Mb) Download