Online studies are increasing, and at the same time, the need for guidance and counselling is increasing as well. The online student services model supports flexible and continuous learning, streamlining the student’s study path by making it possible to use services online. The online provision of student administration services also streamlines the teacher’s work as the students’ support requests are directed to student administration officials.

Online student services provide 

  • student administration services for students over the Internet
  • a student-centred one-stop-shop service model
  • services for all students and customers of education services
  • an online alternative to office services (better availability of services)
  • a data-secure operating model, strong authentication (single sign-on).

Online student services – structure and organisation of content

1. My e-service
Students may order a study certificate and other documents related to their studies from the UAS student administration service or nationwide data repositories and systems, such as the Koski service. 
2. Interactive service
A. Counselling service over the Internet: Chat and Chatbots and booking of remote counselling appointments.
B. Online student service: attending to study-related matters over the Internet. 
C. Opportunity to make payments online: services subject to charge, education and training and tuition fees.
3. Informative service
Guidelines, instructions, videos, podcasts, etc. organised by student target group to address frequently asked questions or topical matters.
The purpose of the online student services model is to also serve those who are otherwise in-terested in the education and training offered and students who do not have online user cre-dentials for the UAS, e.g. in the case of loss of study entitlement / application for restoration of study entitlement.