The eAMK project organized jointly by universities of applied sciences aims to create a year-round digital curriculum for all students enrolled at the UASs. The complete curriculum will be accessible through the CampusOnline -portal, and it is available for all UAS students free of charge

The eAMK project is inviting applications concerning new online courses for the second round to be implemented in autumn 2018, as well as the related High-quality Online Implementation training programme. The application period is 1–31 August 2018. The training programme will be organized during the 2018 autumn semester, and the courses will be implemented in spring 2019.  

The course selection will include around 60 courses. Digital pedagogy training will be used to support the development of the online courses in accordance with the quality criteria prepared in the eAMK project. The courses will provide good pedagogical examples of online implementations, and experiences concerning updates and the use of quality criteria will be distributed for the use of the entire UAS network. The eAMK project provides an opportunity to make courses widely available at all Finnish universities of applied sciences, while teachers gain the possibility of improving online education and course selections with the support of a solid network of higher education institutions.

 Courses are selected by the eAMK project based on, for example, the following criteria (the criteria are not in order of importance): 

  • Courses from different fields and different universities of applied sciences
  • Courses offered as a joint effort of several universities of applied sciences (or other partners)
  • Courses that have novelty value in terms of content or pedagogy
  • Courses with international dimensions
  • Courses implemented in collaboration with working life partners
  • Courses in English
  • Courses for both Bachelor’s and Master’s level studies – the selection of Master’s-level courses is currently not sufficient

To participate in the training programme, the course must be available for the joint portal in spring 2019.


  • The application period ends on 31 August 2018
  • Selections for the training programme will be made in early September, and those selected will be notified by e-mail
  • Those organizing the selected courses will be invited to participate in a digital pedagogy training programme over the autumn semester (includes online training and 1–2 workshop days)
  • The courses will be implemented in the 2019 spring semester. 

Resource allocation 

The possibility of attending the training is offered widely for all UAS-related actors. The universities of applied sciences involved in the eAMK project may allocate their own project resources (e.g., 3–5 person-days, travel expenses) to update the courses. The eAMK project does not provide additional funding for the training or the organization of the course. Participation in the training can also be entirely funded by the university of applied sciences. The training programme offers an excellent opportunity for free digital pedagogy training and guidance in the use of the new e-learning quality criteria. You will also receive help for organizing or updating your course from e-learning experts. 


Does your university of applied sciences or partner network currently offer or are you planning to offer an online course/study module that you would like to include in the training programme and the course selection? Apply between 1–31 August 2018 by filling in the form at (Attention! Link will be open at 1th August 2018)

Download Application (PDF)

 Additional information:

Minna Scheinin

Sanna Simola


If the course is not selected for the digital pedagogy training programme, the university of applied sciences can still offer other online courses for the portal’s spring semester selection. Each university of applied sciences is itself responsible for ensuring the high quality of these courses. More information on this opportunity will be available in September 2018.